Hello! We knew it, you're dying to join the USP Alumni Society.
As you know, anything USP just has to be different.
Even the way in which we siphon information out of you is going to be different.
Warning: At the end of this form, you will be asked to make a payment of $10.93 as a one-time registration fee for joining the society ($10.00 goes to the USP Alumni Society; $0.93 covers the PayPal administrative fee). You will then receive an email confirming receipt of payment and your acceptance into the haloed ranks of our society. 

If you meet with difficulties at any point, do drop us an email at uspalumnisociety@gmail.com. We will strive to reply you within a week (c'mon folks, we're all doing this on top of our day jobs, be understanding!)
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If you would like to make an additional donation on top of the registration fee, or have any questions/ feedback, drop us an email at 

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You are now officially a member of the USP Alumni Society (once we receive your payment, that is). 

Please allow us some time to send you a confirmation email and updates on where the society will be headed next. Meanwhile, do contact us at the email below for any equiries or feedback.