Hello! We knew it, you're dying to join the USP Alumni Society.
As you know, anything USP just has to be different.
Even the way in which we siphon information out of you is going to be different.
Warning: At the end of this form, you will be asked to make a payment of $10.93 as a one-time registration fee for joining the society ($10.00 goes to the USP Alumni Society; $0.93 covers the PayPal administrative fee). You will then receive an email confirming receipt of payment and your acceptance into the haloed ranks of our society. 

If you meet with difficulties at any point, do drop us an email at uspalumnisociety@gmail.com. We will strive to reply you within a week (c'mon folks, we're all doing this on top of our day jobs, be understanding!)
Did you graduate from USP? *

We're not trying to ask the obvious here. Membership in the USP Alumni Society is open to anyone who has graduated from NUS and spent 5 or more semesters in the University Scholars Programme (USP), or its predecessors - the Talent Development Programme (TDP) and the Core Curriculum Programme (CCP) .
{{answer_2287351}} ... ok. If you answered 'No', could you let us know how many semesters you spent in USP?

If you answered 'Yes', skip to the next question...
Now for that divisive question... 
Which home faculty? *

We randomised the order in which they appear, strictly no favourites k?

Time to get personal... 

Your first name please? *

Or what your mother calls you...
And your surname? *

or family name, last name, patronymic...
We're now seeing email that people thought they had deleted showing up as evidence in court. You can't erase email. As that becomes more commonly realised, people will be a little wiser about what they type.

Judith Martin
and your mobile too? *

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the day you popped into this world *

(please provide your answer in dd/mm/yyyy format)
Just because you've graduated from NUS, we're going to assume that you've been successfully co-opted into the Singapore System, and would love to share with us the gory details of life as a faceless corporate digit.

Joking la, employment/ post-graduate details are optional. But we would love to know more about what you're doing in life at the moment... even if you're just off diving at some tropical island.
Current occupation?

Don't you just hate it when the categories available for this question inevitably exclude that one option your unique, special and obscure job falls under? 

This is bad intelligence gathering practice, but we're just gonna let you write whatever.
And the organisation which keeps you occupied?

This is your chance to tell us about your illustrious career and give us more reason to ask you to do x for us and donate to x cause in future.

Otherwise known as, 'Employment History'.
Do you have a LinkedIn profile?

We know you've spent hours on it, so come on, share it.
Getting bored? We're getting there!

(Actually, this form tells you exactly how many questions you have left, so you just caught us lying.)
We're gonna ask you a few touchy feely questions now...

Thankfully, you can choose to answer exactly none of them!
What would be your 'dream' USP Alumni Society project?

And why?
Are you/ have you been involved in any interesting causes or projects?

That you would like to recruit young unsuspecting juniors into... duh...
What floats your boat?

Outside of school/ work... things like "Beerfest, Philosophers' Club, Figure Sketching" would go very well here!
How do you think you can give back to USP?

It can be in very small, minuscule, almost piecemeal ways (like attending SPAN events)!

(Wish we could do this in even finer print)

The information you provide in this form will be used and processed by the USP Alumni Society for purposes related to your registration of interest in the society. 

By submitting this form, you consent to receive periodic updates, information and marketing material related to the society. 
All personal data you submit will be kept strictly confidential. It will not be disseminated in any form to third parties without your prior consent. 

(In short: You do actually want us to contact you after this. Duh.)

If for any reason you wish to withdraw this consent, please contact us at uspalumnisociety@gmail.com
{{answer_2287359}}, you've made it! Thank you for staying with us and we hope you enjoyed filling up that form a little bit more than usual. 

It's now time to... show us the money
Click 'make payment' below, whereupon you'll be led to a PayPal link asking for $10.93 via credit card ($10.00 goes to the USP Alumni Society; $0.93 covers the PayPal administrative fee.)

If you would like to make an additional donation on top of the registration fee, or have any questions/ feedback, drop us an email at 

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That's it!

You are now officially a member of the USP Alumni Society (once we receive your payment, that is). 

Please allow us some time to send you a confirmation email and updates on where the society will be headed next. Meanwhile, do contact us at the email below for any equiries or feedback. 

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